Gifting 2: Gridding.

Gifting is the practice of placing orgonite at strategic locations in the environment to reduce or eliminate the harmful energies around us and restore the etheric balance to the area.

This usually results in clear air and water, improved weather (bluer skies, healthier cloud formations and reduced drought conditions) and a more natural atmosphere.

Healthy environment

Gifting 2: Gridding.

Once the Towers and other major sources of electromagnetic radiation have been taken care of; the atmosphere in the area should lighten greatly.

It may however still suffer from many small and often unseen sources of negativity produced by electronic equipment and wireless networks, electrical cables and street-lighting.

This is where we use ‘gridding’ to systematically and evenly gift large areas and even entire cities by placing a TB every so often in all directions; as if on the intersection points of a large grid.

The effective radius of a single standard-sized TB is about 300 meters so if we were to place our TBs at a distance of 500 meters; we should render the entire area positive as each TB would be within range of a source of negative energy.

To do this effectively; a map of the area is useful as we can use it to form an practical gridding strategy.

I gridded the town of Denpasar in Bali by driving the main roads on my motorcycle; throwing TBs in likely places here and there.

I then went back and filled in the major gaps left by the first phase of the exercise.

A more scientific strategy would be to draw a 500 meter square grid on the map and then go around town faithfully placing one TB as close to each of the intersection points as practicable.

Gridding schemes

A slightly more efficient grid is the honeycomb grid that creates smaller areas of overlap and results in a greater area being covered by fewer TBs.

The most obvious effect of gridding urban areas is that the ambient exhaust fumes will disappear.

This is because electromagnetic radiation splits the oil and carbon molecules into ions which are no heavier than air and are disposed to hang as smog in the environment.

When the orgonite removes the EM radiation; the ions recombine as oil and carbon molecules which, being heavier than air) fall to the ground leaving the air clear and fresh.

This is the same basic mechanism by which natural clouds are restored to the environment by orgonite cloudbusters.


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