Gifting 3: Water Gifting.

Gifting is the practice of placing orgonite at strategic locations in the environment to reduce or eliminate the harmful energies around us and restore the etheric balance to the area.

This usually results in clear air and water, improved weather (bluer skies, healthier cloud formations and reduced drought conditions) and a more natural atmosphere.

Healthy environment

 Gifting 3: Water Gifting.

 Water has an affinity with orgone energy and gifting water often results in enhanced effects.

Healthy water

No special orgonite is necessary for water gifting as regular TBs work well even in the sea.

Just as gifting city streets will reduce the air pollution; gifting lakes, rivers and the ocean results in clearer conditions both above and beneath the surface.

When we gaze out to sea; the horizon is often unclear due to the ambient smog yet after gifting; the crisp horizon returns.

The quality of the water also improves greatly once gifted.

Streams and lakes make excellent instant hiding places for orgonite during regular gifting operations and one should always be on the lookout for such opportunities.

The ocean also hides many electromagnetic installations whose primary purpose, as part of the worldwide HAARP system, is weather-modification.

These undersea platforms need to be gifted in addition to the terrestrial towers.

The problem is that whilst land-based installations are only too obvious; the submarine transmitters are hidden from view.

Fortunately for us; the Dolphins and Whales know exactly where the platforms are located and are only too happy to distribute any orgonite we can give them.

I gifted a few thousand TBs to the ocean around the island of Bali by dropping hundreds at a time in a few single locations.

The sharp horizon everywhere and the immediate return of the monsoon rains  across the country after years of drought are ample confirmations that these water-gifts were wisely distributed by our aquatic friends.

The effects of gifting seem to be greatly amplified when the orgonite is placed in water and you should always take the opportunity to throw a couple of TB in any water you find.


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  1. sayhien Says:

    I think this blog is simple, thorough and organised in the different aspects of orgone. Well done!

    Btw, you’ve written about a singaporean who’s gifting singapore, I’m a singaporean myself, can I have his email contact?

    Warm Regards,
    Loo Say Hien

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Loo Say Hien.

    Thanks for your comments.
    I try to offer clear, simple information in both English and Indonesian in the hope that more people will learn to make and use orgonite.
    Only in this way will we all be rid of the harm done to the environment by electromagnetic radiation.

    The only Singaporean gifter that I know of likes to remain anonymous and work quietly.

    All the best.

    Admin BG blog.

  3. PAuli Says:

    HEllo there, cool blog!!
    I think there is a type of organite more suitable for watergifting
    Check out “ETHERIC PIPE BOMB”

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