Gifting 4: Domestic Gifting.

By ‘domestic gifting’, I mean neutralising the electromagnetic radiation from domestic appliances, wiring etc in the home or office with orgonite.

 This will result in a more convivial etheric atmosphere around the house; the inhabitants will sleep more deeply, arise refreshed and feel generally more relaxed and cheerful during work and play.

 The most practical item of orgonite for domestic gifting is our faithful Tower Buster (TB) which is made very simply and needs no special enhancements of any kind.

TB standard.g


 The quantity and location of the TBs is entirely up to the individual but as a rough guide: between 5 and 10 TBs should amply remove all the ambient electromagnetism from any house.

 Etheric energy travels through walls and floors with ease so one TB per room is not necessary.

 Orgonite is most efficiently placed close to powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation such as wireless internet equipment, television sets, microwave ovens, neon lights etc.

Straight from Mould

 The Holy Hand Grenade (HHG) has become a modern orgonite classic and whilst it is usually more aesthetically pleasing than the TB; most examples are over-priced and fail to produce the wonderful auxiliary effects that we are led to expect from them.

 Poor etheric conditions are produced by electromagnetic radiation from our domestic electrical and electronic equipment.

A good etheric environment will be restored by the introduction of a few simple TBs.

 The electrical and electronic systems of motor vehicles also produce electromagnetic radiation which affects our physical and emotional health.

This will result in fatigue and unstable mental states (road-rage) during driving.

These effects are exacerbated by the fact that most vehicles are made from metal and serve to reflect and contain the harmful negative energies.

A single TB in the glove compartment will reverse these conditions allowing a pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle for both driver and passengers.


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