When I first heard about Sylphs and saw a few photographs of them; I dismissed the idea as just more New Age delusion.


 Sylphs were said to be etheric beings that had come to help us and assure us that the World would never again be ruled by the Forces of Darkness (they looked like nothing more than wispy clouds to me).

 It was only when I noticed that they didn’t move with the wind as normal clouds do, that I began to observe them more closely.

 I saw that they would hold one position for long periods of time; sometimes changing their orientation or altitude but remaining very much the same shape.

 No known cloud form would behave in this way; which meant that they must indeed have a different origin.

Sylph Sa

 I noticed that they would often appear in a clear blue sky just before a Chemtrail attack and seemed to engage the poisonous trail left by the plane; first detaining it, then taking it apart and finally restoring the natural cloud and releasing it to float away in the wind.

 Many people have observed this process on numerous occasions.

 When a particular Sylph appeared in the sky over my house on three consecutive days, I was forced to admit that; whatever Sylphs are, they certainly aren’t anything else.

Sunset Sylph db

 You will find a fine collection of photographs of Sylphs on


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