Induction CB Tutorial.

The Induction Cloudbuster was developed by Virgil Grenier.

It uses no terminated crystals in the pipes but a crystal-rich orgonite matrix for the base.

The pipes themselves need to be insulated from the orgonite base that surrounds them.

As the pipes aren’t needed to house large crystals; they can be of a narrower gauge.

These narrower pipes can sit more closely together and a smaller quantity of orgonite can be used for the ICB base.

This one uses just 2 kilograms of orgonite and half-inch aluminium pipes making it the most economical CB on the planet.

00. ICB Selesai

This one cost me just $15.00 to make from all new materials and yet it is every bit as powerful as a $250.00 Croft CB.

To make one yourself you’ll need:

A cylindrical mould about 15cm in diameter and about 12cm tall.

Enough TB-grade metal shavings to fill it.

About a quarter of a kilo of broken quartz chips.

Two kilos of polyester resin + catalyst.

Six two meter aluminium pipes about half an inch in diameter.

A small piece of 3mm plywood or similar for the bottom spacer and something rather more weatherproof for the top spacer (I used a bit of stiff rubber matting).

Masking tape and duct tape.

 Here’s how to put them together:

Get your plastic mould.

01. Topless

Mark out the plywood like this for the bottom spacer:

02a. compass scheme

02. Spacer

The spacer should sit comfortably inside the bottom of your mould and the holes should be adjusted to allow about 1cm between the pipes and the walls of the mould.

03. Topless Spacer

Next; prepare your six pipes.

04. Pipa

Tightly seal the bottom end of each with masking tape so that the resin doesn’t leak in while you’re casting the base.

05. Pipa I kertas

Insulate the bottom 15cm of the pipes with a layer of duct tape.

06. Pipa I Kain

Assemble the pipes in the bottom spacer.

07. Rakit Bawah

Then fit the top spacer.

08. Rakit Atas

Cast a centimeter or so of orgonite in the bottom of your mould.

11.Lapisan Pertama Kering

When it’s cured; stand the assembled pipes and spacers in the middle of the mould.

12. Berdiri Rakitan Pipa

Stabilise the structure by tying it to the back of a chair or similar and adjust it to vertical with the aid of a plumb-line.

13. Stabil berdiri

You are now ready to cast the remainder of the orgonite base.

14. Siap Cor

Fill the mould with metal shavings, crystal chips and catalysed resin.

15. Selesai cor

When the resin has cured; remove the mould and your ICB is operational.



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38 Responses to “Induction CB Tutorial.”

  1. Ra Says:

    A BIG thank you for your excellent site!
    I browsed through other sites on orgone generators and was always a little confused
    and overwhelmed on how to go about making them.
    Your site shows how simple it is to make besides using alternative cheaper materials.
    Thank you again for the practical guide and tips. I will definitely try to make them once
    I can source the metal shavings and quarts crystals near where I live. Firsts will be TBs,
    mini TBs for cell phones and maybe even the cloud buster! Bravo!

  2. mmc Says:

    Yes, thanks for the simple, cheap designs.

    I was watching a video by the guy who “invented orgonite” and he advocates fine metal powder, as as it makes more layers, in a minute fashion. What do you believe is the most effective?

  3. admin Says:

    Hi mmc.
    I’m pleased that you appreciate my simple approach to making orgonite.
    I also saw Welz’s video about ‘his invention’ (most likely Franz Bardon’s) and as I understand it; orgonite doesn’t work the way he claims at all.
    He equates orgonite with Reich’s layered Accumulators’ which interact directly with the ambient etheric field and serve to store concentrated etheric energy (inside a chamber).
    Orgonite works in a different way entirely and only interacts with the etheric field indirectly.
    In the absence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) the natural etheric field is predominantly positive; this is why life-forms thrive on planet Earth.
    EMR changes the etheric field to a predominantly negative state which accounts for our negative reactions to wireless technology, overhead power lines etc.
    The randomly spiral-form metal shaving in orgonite (individually insulated by the resin) work as hundreds of ‘inductors’ that absorb any ambient EMR from the surrounding area.
    The function of the crystal in the matrix is to continuously neutralize the concentrated EMR; converting it into heat (mainly) through the process of ‘electro-striction’ (a disposition of all natural crystalline materials).
    With the continuous removal of the EMR, the naturally positive etheric field returns strongly and life-forms that thrive in a positive etheric environment return to good health.
    I don’t understand Welz’s findings that fine metal powder works well in orgonite as my own experience is quite the contrary.
    I have found that a fairly compact mixture of medium coarse shavings works best as the particles are each individually insulated and yet sit reasonably closely together (maximizing the inductive capacity of the orgonite piece).
    A looser matrix works but much less strongly and a denser mixture of metal dust is also very weak indeed.
    Reich’s Accumulator works as an etheric Capacitor which concentrates etheric energy (either negative or positive) inside a chamber.
    Orgonite is an etheric Inductor with a built-in conversion system which is quite different.

    All the best.

    BG blog.

  4. the_trickster Says:

    Hi Dan,

    very interesting explanation, but I’m afraid I can’t agree on the claim that “The function of the crystal in the matrix is to continuously neutralize the concentrated EMR”…

    First of all, if a crystal would have the ability to do what You claim, then we would never have to clean them, and, as we know, we have to do it from time to time…

    So, if they can get saturated with “bad” energy, and the layers of metal shavings and resin wouldn’t have the ability to clean the DOR to POR, then our crystals in the orgonites would be soon over-saturated with DOR…

    Don Croft also claims that orgonite will work, that is, convert DOR to POR, without crystals, althought much weaker than it would do it with the crystals in it…

    The crystal enables the orgonite device to be smaller…without it, it should be much bigger…

    I think people often don’t make a difference between EM fields and all kinds of radiations (EM, Hartman, Curry…)) and DOR…it is not the same thing, althought very conected…

    Em radiation creates DOR, but they are not the same thing…

    Many people who work with the pendulums (radiesthesia), can detect the ability of the orgonite to reduce all kinds of radiations (mainly because of the crystals in it), but they can’t measure the conversion of DOR to POR…

    We can measure that conversion with some test, like with plants growing, for example…

    So, the main work of the orgonite is the conversion of DOR to POR (because of the metal resin combination, the countless random layers (as Jon Logan says :)), not the reduction of radiations (one of the abilities of crystals)…

    Kind Regards

    the trickster ;))

  5. admin Says:

    Hi Trickster.

    Thanks for your comments which reflect the general confusion surrounding the way that orgonite works.

    For a long time we have simply accepted the supposition that Orgonite converts DOR directly into POR although this has been very difficult to explain in scientific terms.
    Many people like this fact and claim that Science is incapable of explaining etheric phenomena; many of which fly in the face of accepted Scientific theory.

    Whilst this may well be true; it has been proven through simple experimentation that Orgonite cannot be converting DOR directly into POR and that something more complicated has to be taking place.
    See: How Orgonite Works (a separate topic if this blog).

    Don is right that orgonite works even without crystals but it is very weak.
    I do not understand why this occurs but it doesn’t alter the fact that orgonite works much more strongly when crystal material is present.
    The reason for this is that the crystal is converting the concentrated EM Radiation into heat by means of ‘electro-striction’ which is an innate property of most crystals (as is its converse: ‘piezo-electricity’).

    As for cleaning crystals; it has been noticed (by such orgonite heavyweights as Don Croft) that crystals in TBs don’t need cleaning but in CBs they do from time to time.
    This suggests that there are two different functions of crystals in orgonite devices.
    One for etheric channeling etc and the other for simple conversion of EMR etc.

    In illustration; I have removed crystals from a Croft CB that ceased to work, broken them up and made very successful TBs using the broken crystal pieces.

    This doesn’t for a moment deny any of the etheric properties of crystals which are experienced time and again in orgonite dynamics.

    All the best.

    Admin BG blog.

  6. the_trickster Says:

    Hi Dan,

    thx for the answer, but :)

    We asume that Orgone is a etheric energy, so, why should we the etheric function of the orgonite add to the crystal?

    As You’ve mentioned before, Franz Bardon made his first fluid condensers, that could absorb etheric energy, and he didn’t use crystals for that, but metal dust with some resin and charcoal dust…

    Dr. Reich also made layers of metal and organic stuff, saying that the organic absorbes the Orgone and metal reppeling it…

    So, I don’t understand why would now, in orgonite, the metal particles only act as inductors of EMR and not reppelerers of orgone?

    I don’t see any problem in Jon Logan’s explanation based on Quantum physics reserchings:

    “Organic substances attract and hold Scalar / Orgone charge, while metallic substances tend to repel it. Basically, Ergonite pulls in the Bioenergy, and while the energy is inside the device, The metal particles and organic resin both push and pull on it in all directions at the same time. This puts friction on the energy. The friction is great enough at many small points within the matrix to cause the energy to shift upwards in spectrum to Aether, so that it temporarily ceases to exist as a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. When the energy comes back out of the device, it collapses back into an organized, defined state and comes into existence as bioenergy / magnetism.”

    there is more here

    I still see the orgonite as a orgone transmuting device, that is, device that is working with etheric forces, and we could se that the devices of Bardon and Rech could work with that forces, without the crystals…

    So, as you’ve also noticed, the orgonite will work even without the crystals, but it will be weak (if it is small)…so, if it’s much bigger (more random organic/non-organic layers that can create a “chaotic field” through which the orgone is being transmuted), it works better, and still can do that without the crystals…

    We can imagine every metal particle in the orgonite as a mirror which repels the DOR, and by doing that it is creating a field of chaos…

    So, imagine a sea full of little pieces of mirrors and a beam of light that is going through that water and is repeled by the milion of little mirrors…

    Best regards ;)

    the trickster

  7. Ron Hilsdorf Says:

    I want to build a cb but have been put off by the high price of 1″ copper pipe. I would like to ask a couple of questions here.
    1. Could dt crystals be placed in the pipes? Would there be any advantage? If so, would they need to be insulated from the pipe?
    2. I do have some 3/4″ copper pipe from the old days. Could they be used even though they might not be 5′ long.
    3. Could lengths of pipe be added later via couplings?
    4. Are there quartz crystals that can be added to keep the unit charged. I heard that either kyanaite or selenite would work. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Ron

  8. Ron Hilsdorf Says:

    Hello again,
    Very soon I am going to make my first cb using your design. I have poured a bit of orgonite (hhg’s and tb’s), but never a cb. My question is this. After I make the cb, how do I clean/recharge it when needed? You imply that this is necessary from time to time. Thanks.

  9. admin Says:

    Hi Ron.

    Induction CBs do not need any maintenance at all.
    It is the Croft CB (whose only crystals sit in the bottom of the empty pipes) that requires revitalizing the crystals each year or two or changing them for new.
    I do not recommend the Croft CB as it seems to have no advantage over the ICB or the Water CB.

    The ICB is just a big TB with some insulated pipes set in it.
    All the best.

    Admin. BG blog.

  10. Russ Says:

    Great site Dan.

    I’m new to the orgonite scene, and I’m very intrigued by it. So far I have made a few TBs and a semi-failed HHG (the resin stuck to the plastic martini glass.. too little cooking oil or should I have not used it?).

    Anyway my main question is regarding a guy on youtube that goes by OrgoniteAustin.. he uses iron dust from auto mechanic shops, along with polyester resin and crushed crystals. He seems to be getting good results from this based on his videos of his gifting efforts, do you think he might be making a weaker Orgonite?

    Here’s a video of him describing his method:

    Thanks for your input.

  11. admin Says:

    I’m glad you like my site, Russ.
    I never use oil or any other mould release agent as I find that it tends to mix with the resin and disrupt the curing; making the surface sticky (which is the exact opposite of what is required).

    Thanks for the YT link.
    I watched the video and he seems seriously confused about what orgonite does and how it works.
    If he wrote down what he said in the video and then tried to explain it to himself; he’d be in trouble.

    I can see energy surrounding a piece of orgonite and his look very weak.
    The black stick that he holds in his hand towards the end of the clip feels quite nice (on account of the crystal content) but it doesn’t seem to be neutralizing much EMR.
    In answer to your question: Yes; he is spending his time making weak orgonite and could improve his results dramatically by following the simple instructions on my site.

    All the best.
    Admin BG blog.

  12. Jamin S. Says:

    Hi, I am young and new to the making of CBs, TBs, etc. so it is difficult for me to have access to resin, metal shavings, and abundances of quarts. I have been having an extremely hard time trying to find out which resin works best and where to find it online. Also I am curious about how I can possibly amplify the ability of the CBs I heard particular crystals amplify CBs but I am not sure which ones. Thank you and please understand that I am completely novice to this subject so please fill me in on the best ways. I really appreciate this website and it has taught me a lot so far, Keep up the good work!!!

  13. admin Says:

    Hi Jamin.

    There are 3 kinds of Orgonite CB:
    The first was invented by Don Croft and uses a strange set-up: No crystals in the orgonite matrix but long terminated crystals sitting dry inside the bases of the pipes.
    These are expensive to build (on account of the crystals, copper pipes and large bucket full of orgonite) but work very well.
    It may be possible to ‘amplify’ the effect of these CBs but I’ve never tried.

    The second kind of Orgonite CB was invented by Virgil Grenier and is much simpler, more logical and far cheaper to build.
    It is the Induction CB and you have obviously found the tutorial for this one on this blog site.
    Some have found that its effects are amplified if it is placed in a water-tight plastic bag and set in a bucket of water, pond or stream.

    The third kind of Orgonite CB is the Water CB and you should find a tutorial on this blog site giving an explanation of it and general guidelines for building one.

    I’m have not experimented with different kinds of crystals and have concentrated on making simple orgonite for gifting purposes.
    This kind of orgonite does not need to be ‘amplified’ as it works very efficiently and continuously already.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  14. Suz Says:

    Hi, Dan -

    I see that you’ve been a wonderful addition to the orgonite community for a number of years. Good on you! I appreciate your experience and knowledge.

    I’m looking for a cost effective way to create a POR grid for my neck of the woods in Northern Idaho. The Pacific NW is a weather corridor and we are sprayed daily. I’ve had enough of it! My community is quite progressive and I will do what I can to rally them to join in on the fun of gifting! We need to find a way to do this without a whole lot of cash.

    I’m intrigued with this inexpensive induction design. Does it truly work as well as the Croft design? I like your WCB, but need a nonpowered version to stick in the woods.

    Also, I can’t seem to locate any kind of aluminum pipe/tubing for a whole lot less than copper. Steel conduit is very cheap, but ungodly heavy. Do you have a suggestion for what I could look for that would be cost effective?

    Would a Herkimer in the pipes add effectiveness?

    I’m also wondering if you’ve experimented with a single pipe (wide like a stove pipe – 4″ or so) that would also be more portable? Copper has gotten so ridiculously expensive that we need a replacement.

    Thank you so much for all of your work to help us turn this world around. I’m happy to be on board with y’all!


  15. admin Says:

    Hi Suz..

    Yes; I’ve been gifting and posting my experiences on various forums for a few years and it’s nice to hear that this is appreciated.
    Orgonite does not ‘change DOR to POR’ as is generally assumed; it just removes the EMR from the area which in turn allows the natural POR to return.

    A Tower Buster has an effective radius of EMR-removal of about 100 yards.
    Its effectiveness fades with distance so it works best close up and less well the further away it is from the source of the EMR.

    The Induction CB is just a large TB with an antenna matrix attached.
    The antenna ‘collects’ the EMR in the same way as a radio antenna collects the signal and conducts it to the big TB which forms its base.
    The transfer of EMR to the base is indirect as the antenna is insulated from the orgonite and this accounts for its efficiency as direct contact produces ‘resistance’ and ‘interference’.
    An ICB can draw EMR from a much wider area and neutralise it effectively.

    The Croft CB (or Chembuster) does basically the same thing but in a different way.
    It has no crystal in the orgonite base but has long terminated crystals sitting dry in the bases of the pipes.
    This turns the pipes into ‘wave guides’ rather than antenna and the EMR is drawn down the insides of the pipes to the crystal and the orgonite.
    This means that the device has a specific focus area at a specific distance (tuned by the length of the pipes) and can be ‘pointed’ like a weapon for specific effects.
    These include opposing high winds or drawing cloud in from nearby areas.
    However, when standing vertically pointing at Zenith; the Croft CB actually appears to be less effective than the ICB.

    I have never tried adding crystals inside the pipes of an ICB and wouldn’t like to suggest what effect it may have.
    You could always experiment yourself by making a regular ICB and dropping crystals down the pipes.

    Aluminium is much cheaper to buy than copper and I’m surprised to hear that the price of aluminium pipe is so expensive in your area.
    The pipes of the ICB act as antenna and so don’t even need to be hollow; in fact anything which would work as an antenna may be equally effective if not more.
    The way it is joined to the ICB base should follow the same Induction principle however and the antenna matrix should be insulated before being buried in orgonite.

    I did try building a ‘stove-pipe CB but found it relatively ineffective.
    Perhaps a stove-pipe version of a Croft Chembuster might work well as long as it had a very large crystal inside and was used proactively as a weather modification/mitigation device.

    The only other thing that I’d like to mention is that ICBs share remarkably similar dyamics to gifted cell towers and I have become convinced that they work in the same way.
    So: if you have a number of gifted cell towers in any area; the addition of an ICB may have little or no effect.
    In areas where cell towers are scarce; the ICB should be a valuable device in reducing the ambient EMR and allowing the natural POR to return strongly.

    Wishing you all the best with your gifting project.

    Admin. BG blog.

  16. Jan Says:

    Can you just put the isolated pipes in a bucket of quartz sand ? Or natural Quartz stones like these ? Or do the pipes need to be in resin/shavings matrix to work as an antenna ?

  17. Jan Says:

    Also should i mix the resin/shavings/Quartz stuff as good as possible together to form an evenly matrix or do it in different layers ?

  18. admin Says:

    Hi Jan.

    Placing pipes (insulated or not) in a bucket of quartz pieces will likely have no effect at all.
    Orgonite is basically an Inductor matrix with a Converter added and works like this:
    Metal shavings individually insulated in resin work as a mass of inductors that draw in the ambient EMR.
    Crystal pieces in the Orgonite vibrate/oscillate when subjected to an electric field and this converts the concentrated EMR into heat which escapes harmlessly.
    In this way; Orgonite constantly converts EMR to heat clearing the environment.

    EMR block the free flow of Positive ORgone energy (POR) so when it’s removed; the POR can return and all life forms can return to good health.
    The lower part of the ICB pipes need to be insulated and then set in Orgonite in order to work as ‘antenna’.

    Some people like to mix the ingredients before placing them in a mould but I find it easier to set the dry ingredients in the mould first and pour in the resin later.
    With larger pieces like a CB; pouring in layers is a good idea.

    Admin. BG blog.

  19. Jan Says:

    Hi again. I have another question. Doesnt the quartz material in the ICB mess up the resins function as an insulator between the metal ? In other words altering the orgonits ability to absorb EMR ? If so is this the reason why only 250 g of quartz is added ? Or would more quartz simply not enhance the converting properties ? Also is it better to distribute the quartz evenly in the orgonite matrix ? Or simply as the bottom layer ? Does it make a difference ? I am really interested…^^ Thanks for reading and answering^^.

  20. admin Says:

    Hi again Jan.

    THe function of the inductor matrix is not affected by the presence of quartz.
    The function of the quartz material is to convert the concentrated EMR into heat through the process of Electrostriction.
    I think that the EMR would be neutralised by the crystal however it is distributed amongst the shavings but with large pieces like a CB base; I tend to distribute it fairly evenly throughout the block just to be sure.

    Admin. BG blog.

  21. Jan Says:

    Thank you Dan. Will start making some TBs now…

  22. Jan Says:

    Hi Dan. I just found the website They sell both normal and induction Cloudbuster. They claim the normal Cloudbuster to be more powerful. The ICB would just absorb and transform energy around the orgonit base and induce it into the pipes. While the normal CB does also remove negative energy from the sky. Jet you claim that your 15 Dollar ICB is as strong as a 250 Dollar Croft ( normal CB ). I am a little confused now. Maybe the explanation on Bargainorgonite is wrong ? I know it cant be helped but its really sad that there is so much different opinions, explanations and claims out there about the orgonit things. Id like to hear your opinion about bargainorgonite.

  23. Suz Says:

    Hello, again, Dan -

    Thanks for your response to my last question.

    I’m in production mode to make/distribute/gift a significant number of orgonite
    pieces for my community.

    I’m interested on your take on the quality of quartz used in TBs and the
    ICBs. What have you found with regards to clear chips, milky chips or
    snowy quartz with crystal structures in it (sparkly white quartz rocks), that are not
    broken off of crystal points? I have access to volumes of the latter and am
    curious what you have discovered with regards to relative results/strength based on
    crystal clarity.

    I live in a small town of 7000 people and there are 80, yes 80, cell towers
    here in a 4 mile radius! I’m guessing that once we start gifting our towers the
    ICBs won’t be needed in town. What kind of distance, in your opinion, from this
    concentration of towers is needed for the ICBs to regain effectiveness? It’s quite
    rural here and lots of people live on the outskirts.

    I want to make sure that I offer CBs to the folks in town and ICBs for the folks beyond
    the obscene number of towers (and 50+ antennas). I’m just looking for a ball
    park perimeter that these cell towers cover energetically so that the ICBs will be

    Once again, thank you so much for your important work to help heal our planet.
    I began reading your blog and mirrored your frustration around the chemtrailing
    until you took action with the orgonite. Well done . . . You are an inspiration!

    All my best,

  24. admin Says:

    Hi again Suz.

    Good to hear that you’re gearing up for major production and I wish you well with your gifting initiative.
    If my experiences are anything to go by; you won’t be disappointed with the results.
    That is indeed an obscene amount of Towers and the environment will be very relieved not only to be rid of their negative influence but also to have them effectively converted into ICBs when you gift them with orgonite.

    You ask which crystals are best for orgonite and the answer is any crystal that’s hard enough to scratch window-glass will work perfectly.
    I imagine that you’ve already read my article entitled ‘The Two Functions of Orgonite’ but if not; it will explain much about the functions of crystal in orgonite.

    As for the effective induction distance of a gifted tower; it varies depending on a number of local dynamics like tower-height, amount of orgonite gifted, ambient EMR, HAARP activity etc.
    Once you’ve gifted the towers and the ambience has stabilised; you should see which areas are still in need of attention.
    You’ll be the best judge of this as you’re on site and assessing the situation with your etheric eye; always conscious of the broader dynamics of EMR and the way that orgonite heals the environment.

    Please keep us informed of your progress.
    Reports of your practical experiences will serve as an inspiration to others and enhance the usefulness of this site to the etheric health of the world.

    All the best.

    Admin. BG blog.

  25. Suz Says:

    Once again, thank you, Dan. What a great sorting criteria for the quartz – using hardness as the test makes so much sense!

    I’m happy to fill you in on how the orgonite morphs my ‘hood. The spraying is so pervasive
    here that they’ve turned a paradise into a sludge pot – much as they did with Bali, I’m guessing.

    I really appreciate your input since I’m flying here without a net!

    All the best,

    PS: Bali has long been on my must-see list for world travel. Soon!

  26. Cleve Says:


    What does ‘etheric’ mean?

    And maybe my physics or electrical engineering knowledge is still lacking, but what do the pipes need to be insulated by duct tape before they are buried in the resin? I thought the pipes’ purpose is to direct EMR down to the base to get neutralized? Or are the pipes doing a whole new other act with the ‘etheric’ field? Haha I do not get ‘etheric’…

    Please advise, thanks!

    Best Regards,

  27. Cleve Says:

    “The pipes of the ICB act as antenna and so don’t even need to be hollow; in fact anything which would work as an antenna may be equally effective if not more.
    The way it is joined to the ICB base should follow the same Induction principle however and the antenna matrix should be insulated before being buried in orgonite.”

    “Orgonite is basically an Inductor matrix with a Converter added and works like this:
    Metal shavings individually insulated in resin work as a mass of inductors that draw in the ambient EMR.
    Crystal pieces in the Orgonite vibrate/oscillate when subjected to an electric field and this converts the concentrated EMR into heat which escapes harmlessly.”

    Dear Dan, would u mind explaining some basic induction principals? I don’t get the induction part! Has it got something to do with resin or metal? If it’s too much to explain, I can understand… then I just need to start making TBs in Singapore since it’s already been proven to work!

    Thanks again!


  28. admin Says:

    Hi Cleve.

    The induction cloudbuster was invented by Virgil Grenier after reading the writings of Lahkovski on etheric induction.
    I tried the ICB following Virgil’s basic instructions and found it to work very well and so I published the technology on this site.

    The pipes do act as antenna that collect the EMR from the area and conduct it to the orgonite base where it is neutralised.
    Virgil explained that if the pipes were in direct contact with the orgonite; a certain amount of resistance occurs which slows the speed of the process.
    If the pipes are insulated first; then the transfer of EMR to Orgonite is resistance-free and thus the process runs more efficiently.

    A friend of mine built one but forgot to insulate the pipes before casting them in the orgonite and said that it still worked.
    He was going to make another one with pre-insulated pipes for comparison but I don’t think he ever got around to it.

    The duct tape doesn’t stop the EMR from reaching the orgonite (we aren’t talking about electrical current here) only places a space between the pipe and the orgonite in order that the EMR is transferred to the orgonite through induction rather than direct contact.

    There is a lot of technical information regarding Induction on Wikipedia.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  29. admin Says:

    Hi Cleve.

    Your question about the insulation of the ICB pipes is answered above.

    As for the term ‘Etheric’, I don’t think that anyone really understands it.
    At the very least; it is wholly denied by the Scientific community as the observable dynamics of the etheric field fail to conform to basic Scientific principles.
    There is a whole branch of Conspiracy Theories to explain why the Scientific community are so stalwart in their denial of Etheric dynamics but that is another story.

    As I understand it; the Etheric Field overlaps with what we understand as Physics but extends beyond it.
    Various Etheric dynamics are observable to us in the Physical world (intuition, telepathy, remote viewing, remote healing etc) but cannot be explained in Physical terms.
    Orgonite dynamics fall into broadly the same category.

    Orgonite simply removes the EMR from its immediate area and this can be measured electronically be means of an EMF/EMR meter.
    The reason why the removal of the EMR should result in such a profoundly positive ambience is explained elsewhere in this site.
    This explanation will be dismissed in its entirety by Physics as it fails to recognise the Etheric Field.
    It should be understood however that the existence of the Etheric Field does not rely in any part of the recognition of Commercial or Institutional Science.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  30. Cleve Says:

    Got it. Thanks very much for your wonderful sharing! Love the clarity of your posts.

    Best regards,

  31. Robert .V Says:

    Hi Dan. Thank you for all the awesome work and info.

    I’m very new to orgonite and just made my first tb’s last week. I’m planning on making an induction CB very soon and just found the post about the water ICB. Have you found any difference in rain patterns with the WCB.

    I’ve got some 25mm aluminium pipes and found that they fit nicely inside 25mm black polypipe (internal diameter of the pipes). The ICB would also be easily dismantled if needed for transport. The wall of the polypipe is just over 1mm thick and I’m thinking that that shouldn’t interfere with the induction process. Do you think that would be too much insulation. Would I also be able to send you a photo of my first attempts at orgonite for advice on whether they are working.

    Thank you again

  32. admin Says:

    Hi Robert.
    Glad you like the info.

    The ICB is easy to build and pretty effective.
    It’s basically a big TB with an antenna matrix attached.
    Don’t worry about the thickness of the insulation; the main thing is that the pipes don’t come in direct contact with the orgonite.

    The WCB is powerful but is still in its experimental stages.
    I think it would work a lot better if it were constructed in a similar way to the Reich Cloudbuster that could be pointed at specific areas of the sky for particular reasons.
    I shall experiment with this in due course but for the moment; it remains pointing straight up.

    As for rainfall; I’m sure that all it can be doing is neutralising the EMR in the sky and this returns the weather to its natural state.
    If the EMR is causing drought conditions; then its removal may cause rain but I don’t think that one can create rain to order.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  33. Pam Says:

    Thanks for all the info,
    My apologies if this has been covered, I am gathering info and supplies to building this but would like to ask some questions if I may? there is alot of mixed info if one is trying to weed through all the info that is out there on this subject. I cant afford to build this wrong.

    These are some things i would like to do to mine and want to make sure It will work.

    -Could you use plastic couplers at 12 inch from the base? so i can move it easily, as other CB do.
    -high pressure poly pipe for insulator ( I assume yes from your reply above) just because I have or is the tape better for it may hold some moister?
    -Could you use plastic end caps for the bottom also to keep the pipes from touching the orgone, then seal with tape at joints?
    -I assume no crystals are put into the pipes?
    -i read this correct that It is OK to put end caps on the top of pipes as well.
    - can this be placed inside a building that has a dirt floor or is it better outside under a tree.

    My apologies for all that know this and those who answer if this has been posted, I am trying to learn and appreciate ALL the help from these threads!

    best to all!

  34. admin Says:

    Hi Pam.

    You are absolutely right that there is a lot of bad information on the net about Orgonite.
    That’s the reason that I set up BaliGifter; to set out simple, practical instructions for making basic orgonite devices (all of which have been built and tested by myself).

    Plastic couplers can be used to join the pipes but the two halves of the pipes should be in contact with each other when assembled.

    The point of the insulator layer at the bottom of the pipes is to keep the metal from direct contact with the orgonite matrix.
    Any kind of insulation can be used.
    Also; any kind of end-cap can be used; the point being to stop the resin from flooding into the lower portion of the pipe when you pour the orgonite base.

    The pipes of the ICB work as antenna and conduct ambient EMR to the Orgonite base.
    No crystals are needed in the pipes.
    End-caps on the tops of the pipes are a good idea as they will keep the water out and won’t diminish the functioning of the device at all.

    Generally; ICBs work find inside buildings (as long as they don’t have steel rooves)..
    The only material that blocks EMR is sheet metal.

    Hope that helps.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  35. Paul Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Excellent site, always nice to hear theories and observances outside the usual confusion (being highly confused myself of course ;) ) and it’s great to know Bali is in such good hands…important place that! I’m further down the Rainbow Serpent in Glastonbury, where we made a triangle of Croft CBs last year…it’s only after reading your work that I realised the Croft CB doesn’t have crystals in the base; I’ve been jamming them in there for years :D (Herbs and resins too as I find orgonite affects the etheric field more with magical intention, and the nature spirits love a bit of frankincense and sage…but that’s just personal preference) The copper pipes were never insulated though so will try that next time…just wanted to drop a line to say cheers for the insights anyway; guess we built three huge expensive versions of the Grenier CB without realising..! They work extremely well though; the chems don’t stick around for long, and the centuries-old darkness surrounding this town is lifting, slowly but surely…

    Keep up the excellent work, might even see you in Bali someday :)


  36. Paul Says:

    Oh, forgot to ask, what range have you observed with the Grenier CB? Or al of them, for that matter? :)

  37. admin Says:

    Hi Paul.

    Good to hear that you find the information posted here useful.

    Actually Croft CBs do have crystals in the pipes; it’s the Induction CB (Grenier CB) whose empty pipes act as antenna.
    I’ve no experience with mixing herbs and ‘magical intention’ with my Orgonite; I tend to concentrate on the technical influence that Orgonite has on the environment.
    I understand that there are a lot of ways that we can influence the positive etheric field that returns to the area once the electro-negativity has been removed by the Orgonite.

    The specific range of any CB will vary greatly depending on a number of factors; mainly the efficiency of the device and the amount of EMR and Chemtrails it is required to deal with.

    A gifted cell tower behaves exactly like an Induction (Grenier) CB so may be surplus to requirements when surrounded by gifted towers.
    A Croft CB can be ‘pointed’ in different directions and for various reasons.
    The Water CB is a small backyard version of Reich’s Cloudbuster and whilst very powerful; remains a largely experimental device that should be used with care.

    Glastonbury is another very special place and will benefit from the custodianship of good people like yourself.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  38. Paul Says:

    Cheers Dan, as I came to orgonite after using Franz Bardon’s ‘fluid condensers’ it was a natural step for me to keep the herbs etc. in there; as far as I get it the orgonite mix levels the playing-field to zero-point/neutralises the radiation, and the returning energy (as it returns from zero-point) can be influenced/amplified by way of sigils/herbs, or anything utilising the intention principle, but again that’s just my intuitive view, and I do find it to be more effective with those little extras :) My CBs had crystals in the base mix AND in the pipes, was what I meant…I wonder if the crystals in the base would actually help to keep the pipe crystals clean? They do still seem to be working, even nearly a year on…time will tell I guess..!

    Cheers again, all the best :)


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