Materials of Orgonite 3 (Crystals).

Orgonite is made from three basic materials.

Metal shavings (a conductive material) bound in and separated by resin (a non-conductive material).

These materials are best combined in equal parts (by volume).

Natural crystalline stone interacts with these materials to produce the electrostriction effect that greatly enhances the transmutation poterntial of the compound.

TB Tutorial Eng2

Now we will take a look at the Crystal material that is used in Orgonite.

Crystals grow naturally in the ground and often form clusters similar to this one:

Quartz Cluster

The separated crystals can be cast in orgonite directly where they interact with the resin/metal matrix and greatly enhance the conversion of ambient electromagnetic radiation.

Natural crystals have negative and positive ‘terminals’ and the ambient etheric energy tends to flow from the negative end to the positive end.

In this way they can be used to channel the movement of energy within the orgonite device (although why this is thought desirable remains something of a mystery).

The focus area of the Bali Gifters website is firmly on the area of gifting tactical orgonite to the environment and so I tend to ignore the more mystical devices such as HHGs.

The core device in the gifter’s arsenal is the Tower Buster (TB) and this only requires small quantities of rough crystal stone.

Quartz stone

As gifting represents a financial loss; we tend to use the cheapest materials available so as to maximize the healing potential of our precious funds.

For those who know what they are looking for; crystal stones can be found on river beds, beaches and in the ground.

They are sometimes used by aquarium suppliers for decorative purposes.

Crystal chips are sometimes available from crystal workshops as it is a waste product from breaking down clusters into individual crystals.

Quartz is the most common crystal on the planet and is therefore the most plentiful in both the environment and the marketplace but a variety of crystal stone may be used for tactical orgonite.

Some people claim that each kind of crystal holds additional mystical properties and can influence those in the area when cast into orgonite in particular combinations.

Whilst most people can only gain a theoretical understanding of crystal dynamics;  there are no end of websites claiming to offer uniquely powerful orgonite healing devices at astronomical prices.

I recommend that those who are not sensitive to subtle energies would do well to stick to the simplest of orgonite devices which can be produced both easily and cheaply at home.


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8 Responses to “Materials of Orgonite 3 (Crystals).”

  1. Pamela J Says:

    what kind of resin to use? and what kind of metal shavings? where might i obtain both of these…. the resin and the shavings? i have the crystals.

    many thanks for your response!!!!! i want to do this as soon as possible. i am having many problems with multiple chemical sensitivities and ELF/EMF problems…. and this looks like an excellent, and affordable, way to mitigate my problems.

    thanks again!!

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Pamela.

    You can find explanations of the materials of orgonite in their respective topics on the blog site.
    Metal Shavings:

    All the best.

    Admin. BG blog.

  3. julia Says:

    i have a lot of polished chips of different types of crystals. would these work ok, since they have no terminals? and, with no terminals, if you scattered some in the bottom of the TBs, could the natural matrix of those chips possibly interfere with each other? i’m so glad i stumbled onto your site – i’m totally new to orgonite and what it can do!

    regarding the dodecahedron with the TBs at the vertices, in what way does it charge the water that you place in the center? as i said, this is all new to me, so forgive any “stupid questions”

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Julia.

    Any crystal pieces will work well in orgonite and for TBs; the un-terminated crystal material is actually preferable.

    The primary function of the crystal in orgonite is to neutralize the concentrated electromagnetic radiation via the process of ‘electro-striction’.
    In the absence of the EMR; the etheric field returns to its naturally positive state resulting in a positive charge in the area of the TB.

    Terminated crystals are employed in more complicated pieces but are used to channel the positive energy in this direction or that (usually flowing off the apex of a pyramid or cone).
    I have yet to understand why this is considered desirable and I tend to prefer the free-flowing etheric field surrounding simple orgonite.

    The Orgonite Dodecahedron is a configuration of TBs ‘suspended in space’ as it were.
    In this formation; a highly positive charge of Qi (or Orgone if you prefer) appears at the centre of the space within the ‘dodec.
    If water is placed inside the dodecahedron; it quickly absorbs this positive etheric charge.

    Some people (myself included) find that drinking this water energizes the body and has general health benefits.

    By the way; your questions are not stupid at all.

    All the best.

    Admin BG blog.

  5. Ron Hilsdorf Says:

    This might not be the proper place for this question, but this is where I will start. I am a newbie and am still in the gathering process for making my own orgonite. I just found a good suppier of metal shavings and brought some home, yesterday. My question is this. What is the best way to clean and prepare the metal shavings?? I’m trying to remove the cutting oil and other debris with soakings in gasoline and a final rince in muriatic acid. None of this is very environmentally friendly. Any suggestions? Thanks. Ron

  6. admin Says:

    Hi Ron.

    This is a good question and I hadn’t covered it in my explanation about metal shavings in orgonite.
    It’s my experience that oil doesn’t adversely affect the workings of orgonite so essentially there’s no advantage to be gained by cleaning the metal at all.
    In the light of your environmental concerns; probably the best solution is to simply cast the metal (with crystal) in resin.
    The oil will be sealed inside the resin and cause no harm to the environment to which it is gifted.

    All the best.

    Admin BG blog.

  7. Sergei Says:

    Will acrylic latex caulk work instead of resin?

  8. admin Says:

    Hi Sergei.

    The function of the resin in orgonite is as an insulator surrounding each metal shaving.
    These metal shavings work as inductors which accumulate the ElectroMagnetic Radiation in the area; the Crystal material converting it to heat through Electrostriction.
    I’ve never tried using actylic latex caulk but it sounds as though it might work.

    Admin. BG blog.

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