Orgonite Devices.

Orgonite Devices fall into two basic categories:

 ‘Tactical Orgonite’ and ‘Domestic Orgonite’.

 Tactical orgonite devices are of most interest to the gifter who uses them to reverse the environmental damage done by  electronics and electromagnetic installations.

 The most versatile (and therefore the most useful) of these is the Tower Buster (TB):



 A single TB will convert the negative energy from a regular telecommunications tower into positive orgone energy.

 TBs can also be used to ‘grid’ a town or city which has the immediate effect of clearing the airborne pollution such as exhaust fumes.

 TBs can be thrown into lakes and waterways and deployed in this way; they can be  extremely powerful gifting devices.

In the ocean; the Dolphins and Whales are happy to distribute them to the most appropriate locations on the sea bed.


Another useful tactical device is the Earth Pipe (EP) which draws negative energy from deep underground and converts it to positive orgone which has a very beneficial effect on all plant life in the area.

 An EP is simply a short length of aluminium pipe with one end filled with orgonite and driven into the ground with a hammer.

EP scheme

 When a ring of six EPs are buried; they seem to have a very strong effect on a wide area of land.

 Cone-shaped orgonite pieces (sometimes known as holy hand grenades for some reason) are of limited use in gifting and have no great advantage over TBs.


The other major item in the giter’s arsenal is the Cloud Buster (CB).

 Simple alu CB b

 Like the EP; it employs orgonite and the ‘resonant cavity effect’ to draw negative energies from the atmosphere and returning it as positive orgone.

 A single CB can effect an area of sky tens of kilometers across and normally results in the return of natural, healthy weather.

 CBs work best in well-gifted areas where they are less inclined to become overwhelmed by ambient negativity.

 Burying the base of a CB may result in an over-expansion of the orgone envelope and severe cloud-depletion.

This danger is regularly disregarded by CB owners in their efforts to disperse chemtrails.


 Domestic and Personal Orgonite have been popularized largely by the commercial orgonite vendors who realize that they are unlikely to make much money from selling TBs.

 These devices are often beautifully crafted and make wonderful table-decorations.

 Orgonite pendants have also become very popular but there’s little evidence that most of these products have any advantage over carrying a simple TB in ones pocket.


Portable telephones are also portable microwave transmitters which have a strong negative effect on the body of the user (particularly in the area of the head).


 It has been discovered that by attaching a small TB to the back of a mobile telephone; the microwave radiation is converted to positive orgone which can only benefit the user.

 Some of the more popular commercial telephone shields are in fact little more than clear resin and are unlikely to be of much benefit to the purchaser.

For this reason it is recommended that you make one yourself as they are both simple to assemble and economical on materials.


Another recently discovered domestic device is the Orgonite Dodecahedron.

Duodec a        

 Blocks of orgonite in the shape of a dodecahedron have no particular advantage over any other shape but this device is different.

 It uses small points of simple orgonite at each of the 20 corners of the dodecahedron and these points work together to produce a device of greater power than a sum of its parts.

It focuses positive orgone energy in the centre of the dodecahedron and will charge water placed there.

 I made this one from collars of plastic pipe in order that they provide a useful place at each of the 20 points where a small piece of orgonite can be lodged.

 Instructions for building most of the above devices can be found on


2 Responses to “Orgonite Devices.”

  1. Cleve Says:

    “It has been discovered that by attaching a small TB to the back of a mobile telephone; the microwave radiation is converted to positive orgone which can only benefit the user.”

    Hello, and I love your site! So informative!

    I wish to seek clarification for the above quote from you. I read from another of your entry in your blog that says orgonites do not convert bad energy to good, but simply neutralize EMR, which is like removing the resistance only instead of converting bad to good. Please advise, thanks!

    It is not my intention to be a nitpicker, I hope you understand. I just want to learn the basics of orgonite.

    Many thanks!


  2. admin Says:

    Hi Cleve.

    Thanks for pointing out the disparity in this information which arose like this:
    When I started learning about Orgonite; it was generally believed that orgonite converted negative energy into positive energy and I went along with this belief in the absence of any more logical explanation for its profoundly positive effects on the etheric field.

    Subsequent scientific investigations revealed the simple truth that orgonite simply removes the ElectroMagnetic Radiation from its immediate area and nothing else.
    The spiral-form metal shavings insulated in resin work as hundreds of inductors which absorb the EMR; the crystal component neutralises the EMR (converts it to harmless heat) via Electrostriction.

    EMR block the flow of the natural positive etheric energy so by removing the blockage; the positive energy returns.
    This accounts for the positive effects of Orgonite on the immediate environment.

    Once I’d learned this; I went through the text on this site correcting the information I’d originally posted and I thought I’d got them all.
    It appears that you found one that I’d missed.

    Thanks and all the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

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