Orgonite Dodecahedron Tutorial.

I read a post by Laozu on the Etheric Research forum where he shares his observations on the Dodecahedron.

It seems that if a TB is placed at each of the 20 vertices;  a strong positive etheric field is created inside the Dodecahedron and water can be successfully charged.

This is the first Orgonite Dodec’ that I built from 12 short collars of plastic pipe:

00. Duodec paralon

I posted this photo on the Indonesian orgonite forums and was asked if I would compile a tutorial for a larger version that would charge a standard 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water.

This is it:

0. Finished charger.

I first marked out a regular pentagon in this way:

1. Radius Pinggir eng

Then cut a template from stiff cardboard and used it to mark out the 12 faces of the Dodec on a sheet of 3mm plywood:

These were then cut and the edges sanded:

3. 12 faces

I then assembled them using strips of masking tape both inside and out:

4. Dalam Luar

I cut a hole in the top face using a biscuit-tin lid and a trimming knife before setting it in place:

5. Box selesai

Next I made the orgonite pieces to go inside the box at each vertex.

I first cast 20 small semi-spherical TBs using the simplest of ingredients.

6. Orgonite pieces

Then I cast another 20 semi-spherical TB and while the resin was still liquid; I placed a single copper wire on top of each, followed by the first pieces to make spherical TBs; each with a means of fixing them in place.

7. Fitting TBs

I poked the wire of an orgonite piece through the masking tape at each of the vertices; folded it tight against the body of the Dodec’ and held it down with masking tape.

The Orgonite Dodecahedron is now operational:

8. Water Charger


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