Orgonite Devices.

Orgonite Devices fall into two basic categories:

 ‘Tactical Orgonite’ and ‘Domestic Orgonite’.

 Tactical orgonite devices are of most interest to the gifter who uses them to reverse the environmental damage done by  electronics and electromagnetic installations.

 The most versatile (and therefore the most useful) of these is the Tower Buster (TB):



 A single TB will convert the negative energy from a regular telecommunications tower into positive orgone energy.

 TBs can also be used to ‘grid’ a town or city which has the immediate effect of clearing the airborne pollution such as exhaust fumes.

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Welcome to Bali Gifter blog.

This is the inaugural post of the Bali Gifter blog in the year that has seen the gifting of Indonesia move from Bali to Java and beyond.

Sawah 2

 The catalyst for the beginning of the Indonesian Gifter Movement was the availability of information on Orgonite in the Indonesian language; initially on and subsequently on a number of blogs, forums and facebook pages.

 Many people across the country have easy access to the internet now; either at home or at their workplaces and there are a few open forums that host an eclectic mix of popular topics that recently have incuded discussions on the properties of Orgonite and the profound effects of Gfting it to the environment.

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