Accumulator Tube.

Finished Accumulator tube

This Accumulator is for sending a stream of Ether (Orgone) into the sky to improve the weather locally.

One interesting thing about the Ether is that it is attracted to a larger quantity of Ether, so it continuously builds upon itself.

In areas where the Chemtrails and the EMF transmitters are drawing down the background etheric charge, it can be useful to boost the Ether in the sky and this device will do that.

This Accumulator tube is designed to be built as easily and cheaply as possible and uses discarded 1.5 liter mineral water bottles for the outside shell and light grade galvanized steel sheeting for the lining.

It is basically an Accumulator in the shape of a Tube that releases Ether from one end.

The outside layer (plastic in this case) attracts the Ether to the device and the Steel Sheet lining conducts the Ether inwards.

Both ends are naturally closed off by the bottle ends on the outside and steel discs on the inside.

The lower disc should be faced with a Mirror of some kind with its reflective side facing inwards.

The Mirror can be either Glass or Mirror Tint window film.

If Mirror Tint film is used, this can be applied directly to the lower steel sheet disc before taping it to the bottom of the steel tube lining.

Despite the fact that the top end of the steel tube is closed off with sheet steel, the Ether is still released slowly to the atmosphere.

The Accumulator is designed to release its Ether more slowly than it charges up in order that the operation is continuous and endless.

This device is meant to be left for long periods of time in one position.

Set like this, it will send a small but continuous stream of Ether to one point in the sky.

This Ether stream will attract more Ether in the area which accumulates and improves the weather locally.

You can expect cooler temperatures, white puffy clouds with at least occasional rain, clearer skies and a gentle, variable wind.

The effect can be strengthened by adding more of these devices in the same area.

They should be deployed from inside a building to be sure that they are kept dry at all times.

This is to preserve their ‘Low Potential’ status.

In Low Potential, they will send an Ether stream into the atmosphere.

If left in the rain, they will deploy at High Potential and draw Ether away from the atmosphere which will tend to cause drought conditions to develop.


Now to the technicalities of putting the Accumulator Tube together as easily as possible.

First obtain three 1.5 liter mineral water bottles, preferably with relatively straight sides as you will be sliding a roll of sheet steel down the inside.

Mineral later bottle

Cut the top and the bottom off one of the bottles.

Cut first tube

This will give you a plastic bottle tube which will form the middle of the outer shell of the Accumulator tube.

Next cut a sheet of light-gauge galvanized steel sheet 30cm wide and 72cm long.

The shorter dimension will form the circumference of the steel tube.

In order that the roll of steel sheeting may sit closely inside the plastic bottle tube, you may find it necessary to ‘pre-bend’ the leading and trailing edges first.

Pre-bend sheet

Next, roll the steel sheet into a tube and slide it inside your bottle tube with roughly equal amounts extending top and bottom.

Roll inserted

Cut out two steel sheet discs to be taped over the two ends of the sheet steel roll.

Probably 8cm diameter but check your water bottle as it might be slightly different.

Cut steel discs

On one face of one of the steel discs, apply a layer of Mirror Tint window film (unless you have a round glass mirror to fit).

Discs one mirror

Tape the bottom steel disc in place closing off the bottom end of the steel roll with the reflective side of the Mirror facing towards the top end of the tube.

Cut the top off another bottle and slide the decapitated bottle over the lower end of the steel roll.

Adjust the two sections of plastic bottle into position if necessary.

Tape the other steel disc over the top end.

This end contains no mirror of course.

Cut the bottom off your last water bottle, check that the length is correct and slide it into place.

Top disc on

You may like to put a strip of tape around the joins between the three bottle sections.

The Accumulator Tube is now finished and just needs to be set vertically at a convenient location inside your house, garage or outhouse.

Finished Accumulator tube


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