Gifted Cell Phone Confirmation.

This video shows the extent to which the EMR from a cell phone is reduced by the presence of a small piece of orgonite.

These particular items are coming to the stores across Indonesia now.


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  1. Fred Says:

    Hi great blog and you have certainly enlightened me.

    Could you please tell me how much this OrgonLife product is becuse i couldn’t find it for sale online anywhere and im not sure why??

    Many Thanks

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Fred.

    The OrgonLife cell phone orgonite is beginning to be marketed in Indonesia and I don’t think they have a website up yet.

    Essentially; it’s just a small piece of orgonite with a self-adhesive face that can be attached to your cell phone.
    It does the same as any other piece of orgonite and neutralizes the EM and Microwave radiation which is constantly emitted by your phone.
    This in turn will greatly reduce the risk of brain tumor and other profound health issues associated with mobile telephone use.

    There is a tutorial on this blog site for making them yourself which you may like to try.

    All the best.

    Admin BG blog.

  3. Abu Yahya Says:

    Hi Fred,

    please visit us

    Thank Dan :)

    Love BG

  4. Jon Says:

    HI Dan!
    I have the same device if it can bring a finger and it will show too most, the conclusion is incorrect.

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks for the comment but I’m afraid I don’t understand its significance.
    Perhaps you could explain in greater detail.
    Admin. BG blog.

  6. Jon Says:

    I am sorry for my English, I use technical translation.
    I tested this device even if to bring to it, for example the finger or a key, result will be identical.

    Apparently from this video, it is possible to bring any subject to the device, and will show equally.
    So a conclusion about work of protection (orgonlife) wrong.

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Jon.

    I’m sorry that my Russian is not up to fully understanding the video clip you posted but I get the general idea.
    Without knowing what meter is being used and what frequencies it is capable of detecting; much of the content is inconclusive to say the least.

    Thanks for posting this; skeptical speculation is always good for balance but in this case it fails to prove that orgonite does not neutralize EMR.

    Admin. BG blog.

  8. Jon Says:

    Hi Dan!
    It proves only that that it is impossible to measure by this device efficiency orgonite.
    I invite you to our site
    here you can see action orgonite on aura.

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