How Dangerous is EMR?

How dangerous is EMR?

There has been much publicity in recent years about the dangers of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) but little is understood regarding the nature of the danger.

Independent studies show that the frequent use of cell phones causes brain cancer and many other maladies are attributed to our increasingly electromagnetic environment but nobody seems to know why the health of living organisms is reduced so catastrophically by the prevalence of EMR.

The reason for this is that the bulk of humanity relies solely on Science to explain how things work why things happen and anything not sanctioned by Science is regarded as crackpot speculation in some form or other.

Science has thus far failed to admit to the existence of etheric energy and this has led to anomalous gaps in Science’s understanding of a number of questions that it should be able to explain with ease.

Science claims ignorance of etheric energy yet presumes to condemn it as delusion.

This is despite the fact that almost all ancient civilizations recognized it and valued its continued existence.

Let’s call this positive etheric energy ‘Chi’ and assume (for argument’s sake) that it has always been responsible for the existence of Life on Earth and its continuing good health.

Let’s also assume that Water (in its various forms) is a vital element to the free flow of Chi.

Water flows through all healthy environments both above and below ground; in the air, in the sky and in the plants and animals that inhabit the Earth.

All electrical and electronic devices and installations emit varying quantities of EMR which seems to be associated with poor health.

It would appear that areas that experience high concentrations of EMR are also virtually devoid of Chi (whether Science chooses to recognize this fact or not).

One effect of EMR is to split water molecules into H+ and OH- ions and in this ionized form; water can no longer conduct the Chi upon which the health of all living things depends.

It has been demonstrated (through such practices as Quantum Touch) that the human body is capable of healing itself of almost any health problem if given enough Chi and it is safe to assume that other life forms possess similar capabilities.

It follows that if Chi’s super-conductor (Water) is disrupted (ionized) by EMR; then the health of all living things in the area will suffer.

It has been noticed (even by Science) that this is exactly what happens.

Our health suffers greatly from even relatively small quantities of EMR and this has given rise to the perception that EMR is a ferocious monster that is not easily slain.

It has however been demonstrated many thousands of times that this is actually not the case and EMR is very easily changed into a harmless form of energy by the introduction of an inductor matrix with an electrostriction element attached which has come to be known as Orgonite.

Even small quantities of resin-insulated metal shavings (inductors) can quickly absorb the EMR produced by even quite powerful electrical installations.

Natural crystal vibrates slightly when subjected to any form of electrical current (like EMR) and this rapid oscillation produces small quantities of heat.

This process is known as Electrostriction and serves to convert the accumulated (inducted) EMR in the Orgonite into a harmless form of energy (heat) which escapes; allowing more EMR to be absorbed by the inductor matrix.

In this way large areas affected by EMR can be cleansed continuously; allowing the Chi to return.

In turn; the health of all living things in the area begins to return to good health.

It may be understood from this explanation that the monster (EMR) is not difficult to slay at all.

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