How Orgonite Works.

How Orgonite Works.

During the last year I conducted a number of experiments that were designed by my friend the distinguished scientist Steven J Smith in an attempt to discover how Orgonite works.

He died before he could complete his essay on the subject but prior to that time we had accumulated enough experimental data for him to form a theory.

Steven wrote the following to me in emails towards the end of the period of our collaboration:

Steven J Smith on how CBs affect the atmosphere:

Orgone energy exists as an ionic charge in atmospheric water vapor.

Normal water vapor consists of H2O molecules.  But under the influence of sun light, and planetary electric field, some of these water molecules disassociate (break down) into H+ and OH- ions.  An ion is an atom (or molecule) that has one more ( – ) or one less ( + ) electron than a normal (uncharged) molecular species.

In this case the water molecule is split apart, and the electron normally associated with the hydrogen atom (H), remains “stuck” to the remainder of the water molecule (OH).  Hence we end up with a H+ and an OH- pair of ions.

Now ions do not behave like naked electric charges (electrons).  For one thing, they cannot be “grounded out” by metal conductors (like conventional electricity).  Another peculiar aspect of water ion pairs involves how they gain and release energy.  In particular, the OH- ion acts as a MASER.  This is the microwave equivalent of a LASER.

Since it took energy to break the water vapor molecule apart into H+ and OH- ions, it follows that energy must be released before the original (uncharged) H2O molecule can reform.  However, other phenomena can interfere that unbalance the population of H+ and OH- ions.  If this happens, and excess of H+ or OH- ions is left over as a residue.

It is my hypothesis that an excess of (atmospheric) H+ ions is what Orgone researchers are calling DOR, and an excess of (atmospheric) OH- ions is what Orgone researchers are calling POR.

I know from previous experiments that a (living) human body has an electric field surrounding it.  I have measured this field directly using standard electronic instruments (an oscilloscope).  The measurement was made without any direct (physical) contact with the test subject.  I could actually see respiration and heart beat fluctuations in the field.  Other mammals also exhibit this (living) electric field.  And the field dissipates (goes away) when the animal dies…

The living electric field always has the same orientation and polarity.  Therefore one species of water vapor ion would enhance the field, while the other species of water vapor ion would interfere with the field.  Based on field polarity, negative ions (OH-) should enhance the living electric field.

Next, what sort of processes could unbalance the H+ to OH- ratio in atmospheric water vapor?  Well, one thing that comes to mind is the deliberate introduction of a chemical (into the upper atmosphere) that has a greater affinity for one ion species over the other.  (Chemtrails)

AND this effect could be enhanced by deliberately flooding the atmosphere with microwave radiation tuned to break up water vapor molecules into H+ and OH- ions, thereby augmenting the natural processes that create these ions.  (Cell Towers)

For me, one of the key pieces of evidence is the fact that atmospheric water vapor will precipitate (rain, snow, sleet, etc.), while H+ and OH- ions will not.  That white haze you describe is disassociated water (ions), and the “washed out” blue sky are areas where the ions are not yet thick enough to be perceived as a true “haze”.

Now from past experiments, we know that CB interaction is EM based, not particulate based (metal caps disable Croft CBs, wood and plastic do not).

Therefore, the CB can’t be interacting directly with the ions, since these are particulate in nature.  In other words, ions can’t pass through plastic or wood, while EM radiation can pass through plastic and wood, but not through metal.

But metal, or any conductive material can reflect EM radiation (operating principal behind radar).  Now as it turns out, there is a conductive layer at the top of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere and radio waves bounce off this layer (that’s how it was first discovered).

So…  We have a thick layer of dissociated water vapor (H+ and OH- ions) trapped between an EM reflective upper layer (the ionosphere), and a ground layer being flooded with microwave radiation (cell towers).  And as I previously pointed out, it took energy to disassociate the water molecules into ions, and that energy MUST be removed (dissipated) before the ions can recombine back into water molecules.  AND until the ions recombine back into water molecules, they can’t precipitate out of the atmosphere as rain…

But the energy is trapped…  No place to go…  However, when we introduce a CB into the environment, the white haze turns back into normal clouds, and the sky turns back into a nice deep blue color.

Therefore, the CB must be dissipating (draining off) the energy stored in the H+ and OH- ions, thereby allowing them to recombine back into water vapor.  And since the atmosphere was super saturated with disassociated (ionized) water molecules (due to the fact ions can’t precipitate), after introducing a CB into the environment, clouds begin to form and rain becomes possible again.

Steven J Smith’s understanding of how Orgonite works:

Steven told me that the resin-insulated spiral-form metal shavings work in a similar way to electrical inductors and absorb all the ambient negative energies (mainly EMR).

The crystal pieces in orgonite serve to change this EM radiation into heat through the process of Electro-striction (the converse of the Piezo-electric effect) and so the energy is released in a harmless form.

Here’s how Steven describes the two effects (Piezoelectric and Electrostriction respectively).

“ Simply stated.  Some crystals (and other materials) create an electric field when squeezed or bent.  This is known as the piezoelectric effect.

All materials that exhibit this effect are electrical insulators.  They must be, or the material would “short out” the electric field.  However, not all insulators exhibit the piezoelectric effect.

There is a complimentary phenomena known as the electro-striction effect.  And any material that exhibits piezoelectric phenomena, also exhibits electro-striction phenomena.

Simply stated, the electro-striction effect causes a material to change shape, when subjected to an electric field.

So to recap…

Piezoelectric:   Change in shape causes an electric field.
Electro-striction:  Electric field causes change in shape.

Now the actual change in shape is very small.  A few thousandths of an inch at most, but in some applications this is still useful…  “

I’m sure that you will agree that these conclusions may be difficult for many Orgonite aficionados to accept.

We’ve all been told that Orgonite ‘absorbs DOR and converts it into POR’ whereas the true picture is clearly a little more complex.



A collection of of papers by Steven J Smith can be found at

16 Responses to “How Orgonite Works.”

  1. erik Says:

    So, if one mimics the organic nature of the resin with mineral oil poured in a plastic bottle along with a few small crystals and presurise it , NOTHING WILL BE ACHIEVED?
    I asked Sensei this and he didn’t answered me …
    It’s just an ideea!
    I also thought of steel containers that can be presurised to 150 bar but if you say EM radiation can’t pass through steel , then it’s useless!
    Thanks in advance!

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Erik.

    Since the early days of the orgonite gifting movement; people have been trying to find a suitable replacement for polyester resin and mineral oil is one of the alternatives suggested.
    I haven’t tried it myself but the fact that nobody has ever claimed that it works seems to suggest that it probably doesn’t.

    As for pressurizing the fluid; based on the above article, electrostriction has no need of pressure (the piezoelectric effect requires pressure but itself plays no part in orgonite’s functioning).

    As for ‘Sensei’, he will either reject or ignore anything which doesn’t aid his own personal financial ambitions (regardless of its energy dynamic or use to the gifting movement).

    Tthanks for your ideas.

    All the best.

    Admin BG blog.

  3. erik Says:

    Thank you for your answer!
    I did this “experiment” today with 500 ml of oil ,500 ml pet bottle , small size copper wires , 5 small quartz crystals (just in case :-) ) and a auto valve wich I put on the screwing cap!
    I pressurized the whole thing (not too much , as I didn’t have a tire-pressure monitor) , and the whole thing seems to have a “weakening feeling on my hands” if I hold the bottle long enough!
    Strange effect but I’ll pour some “normal” orgonite soon to have something to compare with!
    I feel sorry to hear this about Sensei!
    Although he seems to be a good man !
    Thanks again for your answer and have a good day Dan !

  4. John Hasse Says:

    I am a total Newbie to this field. I know you are not geared to people so ‘uninitiated’ because you begin with an abbreviation (‘CB’) for which you do not include the ‘translation’. Clearly in this context it does not mean ‘Citizens Band’, and thus I was a bit out of focus for the entire article.

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks for the fair comment, John and I’m sorry not to have written the more explanatory ‘Cloud Buster’.
    To be fair though; this blog is an adjunct to the main site which explains the basics to the Newbie.
    Bali Gifter Blog investigates the information in greater detail and tends to assume a basic knowledge of orgonite dynamics and terminology.

    All the best.

    Admin BG blog.

  6. Ben Says:

    An interesting article but a couple of things didn’t ring true for me. You say that “after introducing a CB into the environment, the very next thing that happens is it starts raining…” I know this was the case with Reichs CB’s but it doesn’t seem to be the case for orgonite CB’s. More often than not an orgonite CB will clear an area of sky without any precipitation. Also when mentioning Chemtrails you say “atmospheric water vapor will precipitate (rain, snow, sleet, etc.), while H+ and OH- ions will not. That white haze you describe is disassociated water (ions), and the “washed out” blue sky are areas where the ions are not yet thick enough to be perceived as a true “haze”. This may be the case but it is ultimately an assumption on your part. My observations of Chemtrail spaying suggests to me that the white haze can be entirely accounted for as defused and dissipated Chemtrail rather than the effect the chemical soup is having on water vapour.

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Ben.

    Thanks for your comments.
    In partial explanation; those sentences were written by my erstwhile scientist friend, the late Steven J Smith who died tragically not long after penning those words.
    The text of this article was taken verbatim from a series of private emails that he sent me explaining his findings following our experiments with both Croft and Induction CBs.
    I realized (of course) that it doesn’t automatically start raining the minute one erects a CB but I decided to leave the comment unedited as it reflected Steven’s mildly jocular writing style.
    I’m quite certain that if he were writing up a Scientific paper on the subject; he would have stated the case more accurately.

    As for the exact composition of the ‘white haze’ in the sky following a Chemtrail attack; I think that you are correct in your assumption that it contains a lot of chemicals.
    However; such is orgonite’s efficiency in clearing this haze that I strongly suspect that the removal of the EMR is responsible for the bulk of it.
    With the disappearance of the EMR; the H+ and OH- ions recombine fast and such haze as they are responsible for disappears too.

    Orgonite cannot be responsible for removing the chemicals as such from the atmosphere and yet what you describe a ‘chemical soup’ indeed clears fast with the help of a CB.
    In contrast; an ungifted sky may remain white for many hours.
    It is well-known that this haze may persist for long periods due to the EMR emitted from the network of ‘cell towers’ which serve to sustain not only the ionic disassociation of the water vapour but also dissociate the chemicals contained in the aerosol spray (chemtrails).

    A parallel dynamic occurs when gifting an urban area polluted with vehicle exhaust etc.
    The component parts of the vehicle emissions hang in the air as a grey-blue haze for protracted periods of time because the EMR in the area splits the oil and carbon into negative and positive ions which are lighter than air.
    When the EMR is removed by terrestrial gifting (gridding); the ions recombine to form heavier-than-air particles which fall to the ground leaving the air clear.

    You may view visual proof of the recombination of H+ and OH- ions to form water vapour (and thus cloud) in the topic ‘Gifted Tower Confirmation’ on this site.

    My best.

    Admin BG blog

  8. Bo Long Says:

    I have to take issue with the characterization of “Sensei.” He has strong opinions about what orgonite is and is not, but then most people active in the community do. As a frequent contributor to the Warrior Matrix forum which he and his wife moderate, I see plenty of evidence that the tolerates other theories and ideas.

  9. admin Says:

    Hi Bo Long.

    At one time I was also a frequent contributor to Warrior Matrix but became increasingly embarrassed to be posting alongside Sensei due to his sometimes unsupportable advice and statements.

    Examples abound on the site but one that stands out is his categorical denouncement of Rose Quartz as the crystal component in TBs.
    At the time I gifted the island of Bali; Rose Quartz was the only crystal that I had access to at a reasonable price and I used it exclusively in all my TBs.
    The results speak for themselves and make a complete mockery of Sensei’s statements on the subject.

    If you’ve ever seen Sensei’s YouTube tutorial for making TBs; he recommends terminated crystals when anyone can tell you that they are not necessary and broken crystal chips work fine.
    The only time my TBs have ever stuck in their moulds is when I followed his advice to spray the mould with WD40 first as a mould-release.

    My membership of WM was unexpectedly deleted without cause or explanation (and a series of emails asking why he took this action remain unanswered to this day).
    Shortly afterwards; I was invited to post on Etheric Warriors (just before Sensei’s account there was deleted for all time by Don Croft).

    Admin BG blog.

  10. Miguel Angelum Says:

    Gran contribuición, Muchas Gracias (Great contribution thanks a lots).
    the first time I did a CB in valparaiso, chile, something very interesting happened, this explanation given in this blog would fit very well with what happened here.
    The CB was finished in the late afternoon. The next day it happened that the sky was a giant clouds nicely contoured and beautiful. It was the beginning of summer, and the clouds seemed to fall, those autumn skies I saw 30 years ago, when I was little and there were no phone masts and wi-fi. Neighbors were amazed by the sky and the clouds of that morning. That was a year and half ago, and since then I have not see again those clouds, I could not gistear. Then, the CB would have generated a breakdown in the “sandwich” to describe Smith, and clouds would form these very healthy.
    Please, sorry my english.

  11. sue armstrong Says:

    Hi please would you advise if this can be used indoors to neutralise emr from WiFi ? My son is very sick.

  12. admin Says:

    Hi Sue.

    Sorry to hear that your Son is sick.
    If the sickness is EMR-related then placing orgonite around the house will be very beneficial to him.

    Wifi is a very powerful source of EMR which just a few years ago was absent from our communities and homes.
    Now these strong concentrations of EMR are everywhere we go and the companies profiting from the use of Wifi will tell us that it’s perfectly safe.
    These are the same people who would deny the existence of etheric energy and have no idea what happens to the etheric environment when it is charged with EMR.

    What happens is that the EMR splits the water molecules into their component ions and in this ‘ionised’ state; is no longer water.
    Water (in all its various forms) is the super-conductor for the etheric field and so areas charged with EMR are ‘etheric free’ zones where all life suffers.
    When Orgonite neutralises the EMR; the ions re-form as water vapour and conduct the positive etheric field back to the area and all life forms begin to return to good health.

    Relatedly; air-conditioners also deplete the ambient moisture and render the room an ‘etheric energy free’ zone.
    This is why air-conditioned environments feel so ‘dead’ and why the health of their occupants suffers.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  13. seeker of light Says:

    Is it possible to amplify cloud busters or organite with an electrical charge? possibly wrapping the quarts crystal with copper wire that would reach an external conductivity source to enhance the power of the organites field though the metal matter or the quarts crystal? was looking at the concept of “zappers” is electrical currant pumped through power lines dor? Thanks ….peppermint oil is great for coating pans before you pour.

  14. admin Says:

    Hi Seeker of Light.

    I have never experimented with powered orgonite and so can’t answer your question from personal experience.

    Before I knew how Orgonite works; I would have simply gone with the general view (promoted largely by Orgonite vendors who like to sell powered orgonite) that wrapped crystals, excited at this frequency or that, boost the ‘power’ of Orgonite greatly.

    Now that I understand how Orgonite removes the Electro-Magnetic Radiation from the area; I realise that adding electrical current won’t enhance the process and will (as you suggest) only add more EMR which will be counterproductive.

    The metal shavings, insulated in resin, act as electrical inductors and draw off the EMR from the area.
    The crystal in the orgonite oscillates when subjected to an electric field (such as concentrated EMR) thereby converting the EMR into heat which escapes harmlessly and frees up capacity within the inductor matrix for more EMR to be absorbed.

    Neither induction nor electro-striction is likely to be boosted by further burdening the device with still more electrical current.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  15. Jacob Aagaard Says:

    Hi Dan :-)

    What would be the most important things to highlight/tell people about orgonite according to you?

    In all your experience, what can it be boiled down to?


  16. admin Says:

    Hi Jacob..

    Hmmm…That’s a difficult one.
    I guess it would be that the invention of electricity has turned out to have been one of Mankind’s most glaring errors.
    The EMR that always accompanies the deployment of electrical and electronic devices blocks the flow of Etheric Energy and it is this dynamic that has caused so many problems for the Natural World.

    Orgonite is the only compound that removes EMR and this is why it’s so valuable to all life on Earth.


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