Orgone Accumulator

Orgone Accumulator.

An Orgone Accumulator is a healing device developed by Wilhelm Reich in the early 1900s to concentrate and trap Etheric Energy from the environment.
He referred to this energy as Orgone and found that it could be accumulated inside a metal box with a layer of wood on the outside.
By adding further Accumulator Layers, he found that the effect was strengthened.

This is a set of simple instructions for making a Prism shaped Accumulator in which the ‘patient’ may lie down in a relaxed manner (rather than sitting upright, as in Reich’s Accumulators).
This particular design has the advantage of being easy to build from lightweight material due to its basic structural integrity.

Accumulator WP530


The Prism Accumulator is constructed from three identical Accumulator panels that are hinged together and supported by an equilateral triangular frame at each end. These frames also contain Accumulator Layering and small window holes for air circulation.

First we construct the three identical panels that will form the body of the Accumulator.
These panels will each have a sheet of 3mm plywood on the outside and a sheet of light galvanized steel (normally used for roofing work) on the inside. The space in between will be filled with further Accumulator Layers.
N.B: An ‘Accumulator Layer’ here is a sheet of plywood (on the outside) and a sheet of sheet steel (on the inside).

Panel Construction WP530 en


Cut a sheet of 3mm plywood to the required size (80 cm x 200 cm) and lay it on the floor.
Cut two lengths of light-section wood of the required size, each 200 cm long and place them on the plywood at each side.
Cut two shorter lengths of the same wood to fit in the space left at either end of the panel.
Glue and tack these pieces of wood in place.
We will now fill the panel with further Accumulator Layers.

The Accumulator in the photo has 3 Accumulator Layer in each panel.
If you wish to make a stronger Accumulator (and there is still space inside the panel before you close it off with a sheet of steel) then further layers can be added.
Just remember: Alternate sheets of Plywood and Steel, always with the Wood on the outside and the Steel on the inside.

Cut a sheet of Steel to fit inside the panel frame and drop it into place,
Do the same with a sheet of Plywood.
Then another sheet of Steel and another sheet of Plywood.
Finally close off the Panel with a sheet of steel cut to the full size of the panel and nail it in place.
The sharp edges of the steel sheet can be covered with Duct Tape if required.
You will now have a 3 Layer Accumulator Panel.

Make two more panels in exactly the same way as the first.

Construction of the Prism.
Place one Panel (steel face upwards) on the floor.
Place another Panel (steel face downwards) on top of it so that the edges line up perfectly.
Join the two panels together along one of the long edges using 3 hinges.

Fold open the top panel so that it lays on the floor alongside the bottom panel.
Now do the same with the third panel but join them along the opposing long edge, of course, so that the three panels are hinged together side by side.

Fold the two side panels up to form a Prism shape.
The triangular space at each end must now be supported with a triangular frame made from the same light section wood that you used for the panel edges.

When the frames are made; fix them down to the bottom panel at each end using screws or nails.
Do the same for the other end.
One of the panels can now be permanently fixed at each end to these frames.
This will increase the rigidity of the Accumulator.

The other panel is used as a ‘door’ in order that the ‘patient’ may enter and leave the Accumulator.
The door will remain closed under it’s own weight but can be easily opened from the inside.
Some form of ‘stay’ will need to be constructed so that the door remains half open for ease of opening and closing from the inside.

Finally the lower section of the two end-frames must be filled and closed off with Accumulator Layers in the same way as the individual Panels were constructed.

You are now the proud owner of a 3-layer Orgone Accumulator which I hope will bring you good health and deep relaxation.

One final note: One or two small pieces of Orgonite must be placed inside the Accumulator in order to keep the Etheric Atmosphere clean and free from EMR.

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