Orgonite Dodecahedron tutorial 2.


The Orgonite Dodecahedron concentrates a ball of positive energy  in the center of its interior which can be used for charging water etc.

There has also been speculation that it has healing qualities.


The frame for the Dodecahedron can be made in a number of ways but must be constructed from materials that are not electrically conductive.

Wood or Plastic are the most obvious choices and I give a tutorial for making one from plywood elsewhere on this blog.



This particular method forms a lightweight and strong frame which is both cheap and easy to make.


I’ve chosen the lightest grade of PVC pipe which us generally used for enclosing electrical wiring in buildings.

It can be cut with a trimming knife and bent accurately once softened slightly with the flame of a cigarette lighter to form the 12 component Pentagons that will be assembled into a Dodecahedron frame.

Finally the orgonite will be added.


In this tutorial; I have chosen to make the individual Pentagons with each side measuring 20 cm which makes a Dodecahedron which stands about 45 cm tall.

The same basic materials and method can easily be used to construct a Dodecahedron large enough for a person to climb inside.


Here is one of the 12 finished Pentagons:



I have joined the pipe mid point down one of the sides and have measured the pipe accordingly.



The total length of this pipe is 100 cm (five sides of 20 cm each) and I have used a felt tip pen to mark the points at which it will be bent.

In the illustration; a:b is one of the 20 cm sides and b:c is half of the side that will be joined (the other half being at the other end of the pipe of course).


The marked points will be heated slightly using the flame of a cigarette lighter and kinked to form each of the five angles in turn.

The plastic will quickly cool and hold the bend.

I used a wooden block as an aid in achieving the correct angles of 72 degrees but a stout piece of cardboard or the angle marked on the bench would do the same job.



Care should be taken when forming the Pentagon that all the sides are on the same plane; that is to say that they form a completely flat Pentagon that will lie well on a table top and form a perfect Dodecahedron frame.


The two free ends of the pipe can now be joined to form a strong Pentagon.



I have chosen to join the pipe with a short section of the same plastic pipe split down the side with a knife to form a socket that is glued in place with ‘super-glue’ or similar.

The two ends should butt up neatly against each other and be held in place with the socket.


When all 12 of the Pentagons are finished; they can be assembled to form the frame of the Dodecahedron.

I have chosen Cable-ties which are strong and easily fitted but string or insulation tape could be used instead.



The Dodecahedron frame is quickly assembled.



Now the 20 orgonite TBs can be cast and fitted and I have chosen to embed a bolt and washer in each TB which can be slotted in the hole which naturally forms at each of the vertices of the Dodecahedron.



I place a small amount of shavings in the bottom of the TB mould and set the bolt in place in the middle; holding it vertically in place with the remaining shavings and crystal pieces and finally pouring in the catalyzed resin.


When the TBs are all cured; they can each be slotted in place and held there with a washer and nut.

I have chosen here to place the TBs on the outside of the Dodecahedron but they could just as easily have been set inside.










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