Water Cloudbuster (WCB)

This is less of a tutorial for the Water CB than a recommendation of general principles regarding the device.

The reason for this is that no extensive research has been done into it; although initial results have shown it to be very strong and positive.

No specific parameters have been set for pipe length and diameter, size of bucket and quantity of water, quantity of orgonite etc.

It was developed from both Reich’s pioneering Cloudbuster and Virgil Grenier’s Induction CB.

Reich’s CB used empty metal pipes to draw ‘DOR’ (negative energy) from the sky and dump it into a body of water large enough to avoid DOR-saturation.

The Water CB does essentially the same thing but we use orgonite in the water to solve the problem of DOR-saturation.

I have retained the regular CB pipe length of 2 meters and arranged six 1 inch pipes in a by now familiar ‘ring of six’ formation.

I have sealed the bottom end of each pipe with a non-conductive material and insulated the portion of the pipe that is in contact with the water.

Insulation may be by electrical or duct tape, plastic bag or paint; whichever is the most practical.

The pipes are suspended in the water by whichever method is easiest.

There should be enough orgonite in the water to neutralize the DOR drawn from the sky.

It has been found that the device works much more strongly if the water is circulated during operation (a small aquarium pump works well).

In subsequent experiments recently; I have discovered that the WCB draws EMR from the sky much more effectively if the water is circulated through some form of ‘natural’ watercourse.

A simple way to do this is by passing the output form the aquarium pump through a flexible hose led to a funnel placed between the pipes of the WCB.

If the flexible pipe is set at a tangent to the funnel; the water will return to the bucket in the form of a spiral vortex which will greatly enliven it and enhance its ability to transfer energy.

I would recommend that anyone experiment with this economical and powerful system which has been shown to dissolve chemtrails and restore the atmosphere very quickly.


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  1. monk Kozma Says:

    Hello Bali !
    I would like to thank you for this modification. While making the Chembuster, i decided to follow this way of making it, and the results are astonishing, especially, because everything on this type of CB can be adjusted to momentary meteorologic situation. Thank you and God bless you !

  2. Devanshu Says:

    hello Bali,

    please make more pic’s so that I can see the water circuit. I do not get the system. :-)
    The pipes are alumnium? I wonder if the weight of 6 Pipes plus their height can stay stable throughout the day and winds.

    This summer I started to do Organits from plaster. It soon got more and more and better and better. Now its time to start with CB’s. Of course here its going to be quite cold soon.

    I gifted all the area and thus had lots of adventures this season. Right now for 3 days we have a totally sealed sky with high foggs and I can not even see whats behind that.

    I like your WCB very much and want to start as soon as possible.

    from Munich – Germany – West

  3. Devanshu Says:

    the insulation-part of the pipes could be done with stearine wax or modeling clay?

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Devanshu.

    This system can be configured almost any way you wish and there are no firm parameters yet; just recommendations.
    Your own research will be very valuable and I would encourage anyone to experiment with their own variations on this basic idea.

    What makes the WCB special is the unique way that water draws the DOR from the sky and transfers it to the orgonite in the water for neutralization.
    Stagnant water does not do this well but vitalized water works extremely well.
    The addition of a water pump to circulate the water goes some way towards revitalizing the water.

    ” alt=”pump” />
    Further passing it through a spiral vortex strongly increases the process.

    I simply added a length of plastic hose to the output of the pump, brought it out through a hole above the water-line and discharged it into a funnel of some kind that allows the water to fall back into the bucket after passing through the vortex.

    ” alt=”wcb” />

    As for insulating the ends of the pipes; Any way you like will be bound to work fine.
    You can even try with no insulation; it may work just as well (or even better!!).

    The WCB is sometimes not so structurally strong but I’m sure that you can figure out a way of strengthening it.

    Good luck with your projects and please feel free to post pictures here when it’s done.

    All the best

    Admin. BG blog.

  5. monk Kozma Says:

    Oi there Orgonauts.
    Well, this is my torsion mod of the WCB. It works fine, though. Not having water circulation, though, it is prepared for it. Sometimes i just let the water from the hose to flow through it.
    There is a lot to learn about the proper tuning of the pipe configuration. If i could have more time… time is flowing faster and faster…

    I am thinking of installing this to the creek. What do you think ?

  6. admin Says:

    Hi Monk Kozma.

    Great CB!!

    Installing the pipes in a creek sounds like an excellent idea and should work well.
    The Water CB is based on Reich’s original Cloudbuster technology and he stipulated a ‘living’ water source.
    We aim to create this in our buckets of circulating water and adding orgonite but a true living water body like a river or lake would be much better.
    You might not even need orgonite in that case (but some TBs in the creek will be sure to help).

    All the best.

    Admin. BG blog.

  7. elena Says:

    Hi Dan
    did you put the end cups on pipes in water and on the top? is it aluminum pipes? thnks

  8. admin Says:

    Hi Elena.

    The pipes of the Water CB act as Wave-Guides and draw the electromagnetic radiation down the insides of the pipes to the water (and orgonite) below.
    As you know; EMR can’t easily pass through metal so you can cap the pipes with plastic (to keep rainwater out for instance) but not metal.

    Any metal will work for the pipes and aluminium is rust-proof and cheap so is a good choice.


  9. Michael Says:

    Hello Dan,

    just build one, but I don’t know exactly if it works fine…
    Did you put crystals in the tubes with copper spirals? And is it necessary to tap the tubes underneath the water?

    Got abaout 480 gal. of water which is circulated 6 times an hour by a pump…

    If you send me a contact adress I would send you some pics. Guess it’s easier to explain with pics…

    Thanks a lot for response

    Take care

  10. admin Says:

    Hi Michael.

    This device is still very much in its experimental stages so you are free to make whatever changes you like and see if they improve it or not.
    My experience is that the pipes don’t need crystals in them but they do need to be closed (against the water) at the bottom and open to the target (the sky) at the top.
    They also need to be insulated against direct contact with the water.

    The WCB is an adaptation of Reich’s Cloudbuster and uses the energetic properties of living water to draw the EMR from the sky.
    The pipes operate as wave guides (not antenna) and their length corresponds to the distance of the target (the longer the pipes; the further away their target) due to the ‘resonant cavity’ principle.
    I guess the tops of the pipes can be closed (against rain intrusion) with wood or plastic as neither presents a barrier to EMR but metal caps will immediately disable the device.

    I’d love to see some pictures of your set-up which you can email to info[at]baligifter[dot]org

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

  11. apollonios Says:

    Congratulations about this wonderful work. Have anyone try without insulating the pipes?

  12. admin Says:

    Hi Apollonios.

    I tried it with uninsulated pipes and found that it didn’t work as well.
    Why not try some experiments yourself and post your results here?
    The device is still very much in its experimental stages and the field is wide open for innovation.

    Admin. BG blog.

  13. Gowriel Says:

    Hello there!
    In the begining of the year 2011 I made a “type of orgonite” using very fine copper wire 2 quartz crystals ,one copper pipe of 18 mm in diameter double insulated with plastic bags,one plastic bottle in wich I put the cooper ,quartz crystals and MINERAL OIL!!!
    After that,I made a hole in the bottle’s cap and inserted the copper pipe INSULATED in the part wich entered the oil!
    This bottle was placed in a bucket of 20 liters and the water from the tap open very little,just as much to refresh the water in the bucket!
    The result was that 2011 was a year with RECORD AGRICULTURAL CROP YIELD FOR ROMANIA!
    In the meantime(autumn)I had a lot to do,kind of ignored the bucket and orgonite, and when I winter came I had to remove it , the plastic bucket cracked from freezing and the bottle was placed inside the house wich has a metal roof!
    The 2011-2012 winter prooved to be VERY HARD(minus 20 degrees C and 4-5 meters of snow…),so the orgonite project and bottle,were “forgoten for some time…
    I myself am AMAZED of what happened and only just recently wondered, wtf happened with the weather…
    That brought me here and in the future I PROMISE not to ignore this matter!
    Also,some interesting results have been obtained in Abu Dhabi with the negative ions generators ,an 11 milion dollars project put in practice by .meteo-systems a SWISS company who DOES JUST THAT: MANIPULATES WEATHER AND BRINGS RAIN WHERE IS NEEDED BY NEGATIVELY IONIZING THE ATMOSPHERE!
    I was taught this when I was 12-13 years old ,and I can remember it even to this day:negative ions rise ,form clouds , condense around small particles and RAIN begins to fall when they are big enough,EARTH having a negative charge!
    I also built 4 Cockcroft-Walton negative ions generators ,one is hanged outside by the eaves ,the other 3 will have to wait until monday,today beeing a big celebration for me and sunday I don’t work at all!
    People must understand that weather can be manipulated and many times not necesarily to their benefit!
    Cheers from ROMANIA!

  14. admin Says:

    Thanks Gabriel for posting this.

    I’ve heard about people using mineral oil in the place of resin but found myself that it doesn’t work so well.
    Your experiences seem different and I’d be interested in seeing a photograph of your bottle.
    Id be pleased if you would email me at info@baligifter.org

    I read a post once (Etheric Warriors I think) where someone built a kind of Cloudbuster using two copper pipes and an Ionizer and achieved good results although I never tried it myself.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

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