Why Orgonite Works

Why Orgonite Works.

In ‘How Orgonite Works’ I explain the mechanism by which Orgonite neutralizes (and therefore removes) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from the target area.

In this article; I shall explain why this has the profoundly positive effect that has been noticed by thousands of Orgonite users around the world.

Since the dawn of time; the world has been suffused with positive etheric energy (Chi) and in this positive enviornment; Life became possible in the first place and thrived in good health for eons.

With the discovery of electrical generation; Mankind inadvertently also discovered the way to disrupt the etheric field of the Earth with increasingly devastating consequences.

Water, in its various manifestations, is almost everywhere on Earth and forms the conductor for Chi to flow throughout the environment.

Electrical cables, installations and devices of all kinds emit varying quantities of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) which splits the ambient water molecules into H+ and OH- ions.

This effectively removes the water from the area and with it; the positive Chi upon which the health of all living organisms thrive.

This accounts for the disruption of the natural weather systems in recent times and also explains why our health suffers when we remain for long periods in areas charged with EMR.

As it took EMR to split the water molecules into ions; it follows that when the EMR is removed, the ions will reform into water molecules.

When this happens; the positive Chi flows back into the area and all living systems return to good health.

Orgonite simply removes the EMR from its immediate environment (through induction and electrostriction) restoring the area to good etheric health.

This is what Steven. J. Smith was referring to when he sated:

“While the traditional explanation of how Orgonite works is appealing in its straight forward, easily understood simplicity; obviously the underlying cause and effect are more complex than originally assumed”.


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  1. Geoff Hudson Says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thank you for sharing Steven J. Smith’s private emails to you. I’ve been mightily impressed with
    his scientific approach to studying not only Orgonite, but his 3-part nsa essays & more.
    You were fortunate to have known him.
    If I may ask, were you friends by email (or snail mail) only, or did you physically spend time
    with him?
    If so, what was he like? What were his motivations?
    I seem to recall reading that Don Croft said of Smith that he could have been better protected if he mingled more with energy sensitives, and wore Orgonite on his person. Croft believes there’s safety in numbers, and socializes with Dooney & her husband. They all boost together.
    I’ve been studying since 9/11… much to learn/unlearn…and have enjoyed your articles on Bali Gifter.
    Thanks for not publishing my email, although I’m rather sure after all my study, my profile’s been raised substantially. BTW, I’ve purchased some Orgonite pieces from Sensei in the past, and found him a delight to deal with, generous and kind (his wife too!).
    Best Regards & thank you for getting Orgonite info out. The world needs this-
    Geoff Hudson

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Geoff.

    I knew Steven J Smith via email only and never met him in person.
    Our mails were restricted almost entirely to technical matters and we didn’t discuss our motivations or personal philosophies at all.
    I gleaned only that he was something of an exile from the Scientific Community as he refused to ‘play the game’ and accept research projects where the results were predetermined by the body funding the research.
    He appeared to live at a fairly low economic level and published his personal researches on his own website (now expired) and you seems to have read some of his excellent papers.

    He designed a series of experiments aimed at determining the nature of Orgone Energy, the way that various Cloudbusters worked and how they interacted with the environment.
    He was excited by CBs as they were so easily manipulated by pointing, grounding, shielding etc and the results were so easily visible in the sky.
    I conducted these experiments here in my garden in Bali and sent the results, impressions, photographs etc to Steven by email.

    Unfortunately Steven’s life was cut short before he managed to finish his paper on Orgonite.
    He was working on a Free Energy prototype at the time and the obvious conclusion is that powerful interests decided that the time had come to take him out.
    He told me that he had experienced many attempts on his life; one during the time we were working together on Orgonite.

    Don’s assertion that he should have had some orgonite around him is rather odd as Steven told me that Don had given him some Orgonie when they met and that he liked to keep it around the house.

    Good to hear that you like Sensei’s Orgonite.
    He likes to cultivate that overtly kind, generous facade which he finds useful in masking his fundamentally commercial relationship with the Orgonite community.

    I prefer to concentrate on the technical aspects of Orgonite; exactly what it does and why it has such a profoundly positive effect on the environment.

    All the best.
    Admin. BG blog.

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